Greater New England Alliance of Black School Educators (GNEABSE)

“Reducing the Barriers to Learning”
An Education  Conference

Keynote Speaker, Mr. Uyi  Osunde
Principal, Windsor High School

Concurrent Workshops



Social Media: Impact of Social Media and Technology on Children and Families: The good, Bad and the Ugly

Anthony Gay, presenter

Anthony Gay oversees the development of curricula and training produced by/for Welcome 2 Reality, LLC. He provides training on the importance of media literacy, digital safety and other issues related to youth exploitation via social media and internet consumption for students, teachers, parents, clergy and law enforcement personnel across the U.S.

Target Audience: Students, parents and teachers


This seminar is designed to raise the awareness of the impact and potential dangers of social media to children and families. The founders of Welcome 2 Reality LLC, a Connecticut based company that helps individuals and families develop critical thinking about the impact and influence of mass media, will guide participants in an exploration of the benefits and drawbacks that immediate and ongoing access to social media has on learning, connectivity, and interpersonal relationships.

By examining songs, music videos, and advertising, participants will explore the impact of imagery and subliminal messages, and learn to make distinctions between fantasy and reality; develop strategies to identify why youth make the choices they do online and provide healthy alternatives.

Panel Discussion on Diversity Issues

Autumn Baltimore, and ETS presenters

Target Audience:

Students, Parents, Teachers, Administrators and Community Based Organizations


Panel discussion on current issues surrounding minority teacher diversity-current state of affairs, work being done in other school districts, future focus and work including UCONN’s teacher diversity program, RELAY’s work with paraprofessionals/teacher assistants in urban communities across the nation, Dean Easley and ECSU’s future project working early on with high school students.

Participants will leave with an action plan that is culturally responsive to the needs of their diverse student population.

Culturally Competent Family Engagement

Rhonda Philbert, MPH, presenter-

Target Audience:

Pre-teaching students, current education major, teachers and administrators, individuals interested in education


Learn and practice Culturally Responsive Classroom Management practices to validate student voices and create inclusive classroom spaces. These teacher practices will empower classroom educators to dismantle the School-to-Prison Pipeline from inside their classrooms. Learn about punitive discipline policies that impact students of color facilitating their path to prison instead of college.

In-Depth Workshop with Assessment Support

Education Testing Service (ETS), presenter

Target Audience:

Paraprofessionals/teacher assistants, Individuals interested in becoming teachers and have to take the Praxis


Assessment writers who have worked on a particular PII exam will provide in depth guidance on best responses to that test