On Friday, February 9, 2018, the Greater New England Alliance of Black School Educators (GNEABSE) celebrated their founder, Mr. Lou Irvin, with a “Day of Service.”

Mr. Irvin was a friend, mentor, role model, advocate and educator. Mr. Irvin filled all these roles, completely. As a passionate and dedicated educator, Mr. Irvin devoted the last 20 years of his professional life to promoting diversity and enhancing multicultural education in Connecticut. Therefore, to commemorate the work and life of Mr. Irvin, the GNEABSE members visited Dr. Martin Luther King School in Hartford, CT, to provide support and encouragement support among staff and students.

During this “Day of Service,” GNEABSE members supported students developing a personalized vision and goal setting for themselves by creating vision boards. Mr. Irvin was a testament of vision development and goal setting.  Thus, in honor of his legacy, GNEABSE members will continue to instill this practice in the lives of our youth.

Thank you to the GNEABSE members and the staff and students of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School for a wonderful Founder’s Day event.