The Greater New England Alliance of Black School Educators (GNEABSE) was officially chartered February 12, 2000, under the visionary leadership of the late Lou Irvin. With Mr. Irvin serving as the organization’s first president, GNEABSE was born to the parentage of 18 proud charter members from the Connecticut and southern Massachusetts area. Indeed, while keenly committed to the mission and philosophy of its parent organization, the National Alliance of Black School Educators, GNEABSE was established to address very critical and culturally sensitive concerns as they affect the education of children of color.

In its inaugural year, and a sense of great urgency, those highly focused and eager educators undertook two major projects. First of all they wanted to introduce themselves to the education community. To help them to do that they invited nationally respected psychologist, Dr. Na’im Akbar to address current data supporting the acute need for Connecticut school districts to actively to actively seek teachers and administrative candidates from diverse backgrounds. Next, they collaborated with the Connecticut State Department of Education to introduce incoming minority teachers to the unique facets of local school and community life.

Since that very successful initial undertaking GNEABSE has sponsored annual conferences and retreats offering a diversity of workshops confronting a wide variety of important educational issues affecting students, administrators, teachers, and parents of color. Among our most noteworthy keynote speakers and facilitators have been distinguished author and professor Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, nationally recognized creative writing consultant Erik Cork; dynamic educator the late Dr. Barbara Sizemore, and most recently the prominent author Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu, who inspired an overflow audience at the State Capitol with his important research on the preponderance of African American males in special education classes. To be sure few organizations are as singularly and as assertively committed to the unique needs of students of color the cay the GNEABSE has, in this short period of time proven itself to be.

The noble mission of the Greater New England Alliance of Black School Educators is to promote and facilitate the education of all students, Black students in particular. Additionally, it seeks to establish a coalition of Black educators and others directly or indirectly involved in the educational process. Moreover, it seeks to create a forum for the exchange of ideas and strategies as well as improve educational opportunities. Finally it seeks to identify and develop Black professionals who will assume leadership positions in education who will eventually influence public policy as it concerns the education of Black people.

As we carry forward the vision of our esteemed founder, Lou Irvin, we continue to grow and evolve by working with other organizations and professionals throughout the state and the nation, networking and thus facilitating contacts for students, educators and potential educators, awarding scholarships and serving as a source of support and pride for the families in the communities where we live and serve.