This committee consists of the treasurer and members  who oversee the finances of GNEABSE.  Along with the Treasurer they keep track and remain abreast of the financial health of the organization and ensure that sufficient funds are available to support activities that  uphold the mission of the organization

Constitution and By-Law

This committee reviews the bylaws and in consultation with the membership amends them as needed.

Goals and Purpose

This committee serves as a consulting body to ensure that activities conform to and reinforce the stated mission of GNEABSE.


This committee plans, organizes and coordinates events and activities.  Members of this committee also are called upon to publicize them, making sure that the GNEABSE brand is maintained.


This committee is up to date on legislative events and  lobby days at the state capitol.  They share the information with the membership and encourage  maximum participation.


This committee ensures that members remain active and in good standin.g

Nominations and Elections

This committee is the is first to know when terms are coming to an end and is to present to the body the slate of candidates for office to be voted upon in June.